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Download Size Stream App

Step 1

Download Size Stream Mobile Fit App

The Size Stream Mobile Fit application can be

downloaded from the iOS or Play Store:

Download The App
Size Stream Mobile App

Step 2

Registering an account

  • Click on the tab below
  • When you visit the sign-up web page, you’ll be prompted to choose between registering by phone or email (not both).
  • After completing the registration, expect to receive a message on either your phone or email. Please allow a few minutes for this message to arrive.
  • The message you receive will contain a linkClick on this link to automatically open the Size Stream Mobile Fit app.
  • The app will then guide you to sign in using the same phone number or email address you used during registration.
Register PARIOLO Account
Account Set Up

Step 3

Account Setup

Account setup consists of the following required information.

  1. Gender
  2. Date of Birth
  3. Height
  4. Weight
  5. Share Data Request - Critical step! If you are not asked, sign out of the app and find the message you received by text/email. Click the link again, and you will be prompted to sign in and share your measurements. If this does not work, please get in touch with us immediately.

All your personal details are secure and protected.

Body Scan



  • Click the Start Scan button to initiate the process.
  • The app provides both visual and audio instruction guides to assist you in positioning. Remember to turn up the volume.
  • Before scanning, carefully review all the guidelines.

Have you completed your scan? Reach out to our customer service to claim your 20% discount code.